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Collision damage or bumps and scrapes, it’s what we do.


Some vehicles require only aesthetic repairs, however when more is required, we utilise the best internationally recognised electronic technologies to precisely identify and repair both the damage you can see, but more importantly the damage you can’t.


Vehicles today are complicated. In many collisions damage can also be caused in areas not visible or sometimes hidden. Many repairers and some insurers aim to simply make a vehicle look pretty after an accident. Our aim is to make sure your car is repaired back to factory specifications and performs the way it did before the accident, without compromise.


Our water based paint system, is designed to replicate or enhance your vehicle manufacturers paintwork. We have coupled some of the best technology in the world with an extraordinary range of colours to achieve true depth. It is a passion of ours to ensure that the highest refinishing standards are pursued and met.


Some vehicles need some TLC to bring them back to their former glory.  


Whether it’s a case of starting from scratch, bringing your vehicle back to life or customising your prized possession, we can suit any budget to make it happen. 


Our detailing services come in packages available to suit those looking to simply tidy up & polish, restore their faded or scratched vehicle right down to those wanting to showcase their prized possession.


By using a combination of exclusive products and years of experience we are able to achieve amazing results that can bring your vehicle back to life or maintain its original beauty. 


PDR involves the process of gently removing dents, ding's or other damage without the need of conventional bodywork or painting which can make it more cost effective.  


It is as much an art form as many other aspects of body repairs. It takes many years of training and patience with the right tools to perfect such a skill. PDR is something we offer as a stand-alone service or together with conventional repairs.


Gutter scratches, scrapes, chipped or damaged wheels can be repaired at Executive Smash Repairs. If you wish to re-create a factory alloy or customise a set of wheels we’d love to help.

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